Thursday, May 10, 2012

Word Families

You all probably don't care about word families or anything having to do with school right now! I still had to keep on my game face, though because with 8 days left of school, I still awaited my observation. Lucky me:) Today was my lucky day, though and at 9:30 in walked my assistant principal with his laptop in tow! I swear I heard angels singing the hallelujah chorus as he walked in! I had a lovely little word family activity just waiting for his arrival! 
My kiddos have been working really hard on blends, digraphs and beginning sounds. When we do a word family I always encourage them to use the blends and digraphs we have talked about. Today we did the -ip word family. I was bursting with pride when I sent my students to their seats with their dry erase boards and saw the boards filling up with -ip words. We met back on the carpet after 5 minutes and wrote our words down on the word family smart notebook page. Then, we touched the frog and watched him spit out -ip words. We read each word and then compared froggy's  list to ours! Click on the picture below to download a free word family page. If you like this activity and want more, please purchase the word family smart notebook download on my tpt store. Thanks so much for stopping by!


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