Monday, August 27, 2012

Library Area

We have been in school for a week and a half and I finally opened my library for the kids to use. I usually open it sooner but I have been busy working on other procedures around the room and the library took a "backseat". I wanted to share with you how I set up my library. First, I have these fabulous shelves that I can open or close. It works great at the end of the year because I don't have to pack up my books and reorganize them at the beginning of the year! Yay!!! 

 I divide my books into categories. The first time I did this it me a long time to figure out how I wanted to separate my books. So, I took inventory of what I had. I started putting books in piles by rhyming books, Authors, loved characters, nonfiction themes, animal friends, bears etc. Then, I typed out the names onto labels and printed them out. I would love to have pictures of the theme but I didn't take the time to do this.

Once I figured out how to label my bins, keeping my library organized was easy. I still keep my seasonal books in a separate bookshelf and I put out those books only during that holiday or season. Keeping kindergarteners accountable for using the library and putting away books in the correct spot was challenging. I have found a strategy that really works for me and saves me time from putting books away. When my students go to the library center, they have to have their "reading stick" to mark the basket they take their book from. They can only take one book out at a time. So, when they finish reading, they find their stick and place the book back in that basket! 
 I have two child sized adirondack chairs that students can use or they can sit on the couch like these two cuties did. Sorry about the weird blurry faces:)

 I like to keep stuffed animals and puppets for my students to "read to"  while in the library center!

One of my favorite books to read at the beginning of the year is Mr. Wiggle's Book. It teaches the kiddos how to take care of their books. After reading the book, I made this Mr. Wiggle chart that I read. In order for my students to be able to go to the library, they have to sign the chart to promise to take care of the books in the library. This poster is in my First Week of School lesson plan on my TPT account. Click the picture to go there:

How do you set up your library? I'd love to hear about other books or strategies that you use to teach your students how to use your classroom library!



  1. I love the idea of having your kiddos leave their reading stick in the book basket to save their spot and show them where to return their books. So smart!!!

    :) Nicole
    Tadpole Tidbits

  2. Thanks, Nicole! I got the paint sticks from home depot and just wrote their names on it. I am going to let them decorate them with crayons this week! Have a great school year!


  3. I love the reading stick idea also. Your library and reading areas are super cute! :)


  4. I LOOOOVVVEEE THIS! :) The palm tree is my favorite part

    Always A Lesson

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