Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Freebie

Hello darlings!  What a crazy week!  I'm Linking up at three fun Friday themed linky parties.


1. The first crazy thing this week was when I had to tell my grade level that we have to move storage closets this year...  Not fun! You know how much work there is to do at the end of the year already...  In the process of looking at the overwhelming task ahead, one of my team mates noticed that his rubbermaid containers and my containers were missing.  Everyone we talked to had no idea what could have happened to them.  After sending a mass email to the staff asking if they witnessed an alien abduction or something, we got an email back from a coworker who said he had taken them to move his house over the weekend.  =)
2. We had our Publishing Party for our parents on Thursday.  Kiddos had written about who they were going to be in 20 years.  It was darling!  I had a class slideshow that I had created using and when I got to school the day of the party, it was blocked by our district's server!  Talk about freaking out!  My wonderfully amazing Tech Contact/Computer Teacher tried her best to get the tech people to unblock it.  After a lot of run around she was told to fill out a form...By this time, parents were already here for lunch.  Thank goodness I saw my principal in the hall!  I asked her if she had some sort of executive power and if she could do something.  Within ten minutes, the site was unblocked!  YAY principal! 


You can download the papers for free by clicking the picture!

3. Today was our Economics Carnival and it DIDN'T rain!  We were so worried!  It turned out great!  The only thing better is if we could have had food.  In past years we have had candy and fair type food, but now there is a food allergy policy... Does your school have that?

Kiddos LOVE the Economics Carnival!  When I brought them in to take the assessment after the carnival, they were SILENT!  They were so serious about doing a good job!

Get the entire unit here.

4. Our Teacher Appreciation is going to be the last week of school, but I just had to share this picture one of my teamies sent me.

I thought it was hilarious!  

5. Did you notice we have a new blog design?!!!???!!!  I a SUPER pumped!  I had to keep looking at it today.  It is so adorable   Thank you so much to Megan over at A Bird in the Hand Blog Designs!  She allows you to build the blog yourself (picking the elements you like) and then she puts it all together into cuteness! 

A Bird in Hand Blog Design


  1. The carnival looks like great fun! I can't even think about having to pack up my closet! I have SO much stuff! I "inherited" a lot several years ago and have thrown so much away, but there's still more to go. Good luck! I found you through Five for Friday!

    Learning is for Superstars
    Learning is for Superstars is on Facebook

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post--just found your blog through the Five for Friday linky. I am a new follower! I will be back to read future posts... Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers

  3. I love, love, love your publishing party idea! I'm Brandee, your newest follower. :)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  4. That e-card just made me spit out my drink. So true, right?

    As far as food allergies go, we have policies here in Chicago. We had a student die from a peanut allergic reaction at a class party few years back. I really do think it's a serious enough issue. My oldest son has to be gluten-free, and it was really scary sending him off to school.

    Regardless, kids can have fun without all the food. I find teaching was easier without all the sugar highs and mess.

    The Classroom Creative

  5. Your Carnival Activity is awesome! I just added it to my wishlist for when I teach that next year! Hope you have a great weekend - you've earned it!

    Lucky to Be in First

  6. What a great idea to have a publishing party!! So glad that your principal could get it unblocked in time!
    Conversations in Literacy

  7. LOVE that publishing party! What a fantastic idea! And that crayon wreath comment-LOL! I can't stop laughing!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  8. What a fun week! Love the publishing party and carnival!!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  9. Your economics carnival looks soo fun!! :)

    Sugar and Spice

  10. Love your carnival and your publishing party. What a fun writing assignment! :) I'm a new follower and also holding a linky, please hop over and check it out. I'd love for you to link up! :)

    Pinkadots Elementary

  11. I am your newest follower :-) I just finished my student teaching in November and will be teaching third grade next year. I am so excited! My summer will be spent setting up my new room :-)

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