Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Made It and Super Bundle Deal

Hello darlings!  I finally have a cool Monday Made It to share!  If you noticed my absence from blogging, it is because I was creating a bookcase with my dad.  I'm not going to go into all the details of how hot, sweaty, tired, crabby, fun this was to create, but here are some pics of the process!

 I am SOOO happy with the results!  I was so sick and tired of packing up all my books at the end of the year in boxes and then having to reorganize them and set them out at the beginning of each year!  I decided for my TENTH (yikes!) year of teaching, I would spend a little blood, sweat, tears, money and never have to pack again!

 Since the two cases are connected by hinges and are on locking wheels, the cases can be closed and latched together at the end of the year and then rolled out of the room.  The custodians remove everything to wax the floors. (My dad is just so smart!)

So my next project....Book Labels.  I am tired of my old ones and they just blend in with the white bins.  I have been searching on TPT for some awesome labels and can't decide which ones I like better...  Help!!!

Library Labels for your Classroom from Seejaneteachmultiage on (26 pages)  - Classroom Library Labels perfect for small book boxes or bins!

220 Classroom Library Book Bin / Basket Labels {Bright Pol 

What do you guys think?  I love them all!  Anybody have one that they like?

P.S.  Don't forget to head over to Educents for the Back to School Bundle!  I have all these products and let me tell you, they are way more awesome in person!!!

Here are just a FEW of the bundles included for $30. ($25 is you sign up with Educents)

It is filled with units from over 20 amazing bloggers!!  Only a few days left!!!  Go now!!!

Thanks again for your advice!!


  1. Your book cases are incredible!! Brilliant!!

  2. Great idea for the book cases. I might just buy two from Ikea and then add on the casters and latches since I don't have all the awesome tools that you have available!

  3. What a great idea for a bookcase. I definitely don't have the patience or talent to build one, but I would love one.
    As far as book bin labels, I like the first set.
    The Traveling Teacher

    1. I totally gotcha on the patience part! I was so ready to quit half way through the first one!

  4. That bookcase is genius!!! I'm your newest follower :)

  5. Great idea for the bookcase - wish you could sell those on TpT!!!

    I vote for the Super Cute Melonheadz by Jane:)


  6. I vote for super cute melonheadz by jane... they are on avery labels and makes the entire task so much easier!

  7. How impressive that you can build your own bookcases!!! Kudos! I prefer one of the first 2 sets of labels.

    Hooty's Homeroom

  8. LOVE your bookshelves! I wish I knew someone that is able to use power tools!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  9. I am completely impressed with your carpentry skills! Beautiful bookcases!

  10. I am so impressed with your bookcases! I love that they can close and are on wheels. You did an awesome job!

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