Monday, February 17, 2014

Family Science Night Freebies

Hello darlings! We just recently had our annual Art and Science Explosion at our school.  I am the Science Fair Coordinator, so I am in charge of running all the science stuff.  My cohort, Pam, is in charge of all the Art Displays and she does an amazing job!  I really just have to deal with all the Science Fair Projects, but a few years ago, I decided to add in a hands-on experiments element to the night.  I thought it would be fun for families to complete experiments together, instead of just coming to check out the Science Fair Projects and the awesome art.   It turned out to be a big hit!

Here are some pics of the night.  Even if your school doesn't do a Family Science Night, you can still use these experiments in your own classroom.  I am including all of my science and question stem cards for free since I like you so much!

Crime Scene Investigation

Materials: hot chocolate powder, large makeup brushes (dollar store), CLEAR plastic cups, non-latex gloves, ink pad, magnifying glasses

My third grade teamies ran this booth.  We each fingerprinted a cup and then a sheet of paper, and kiddos had to use magnifying glasses to match our fingerprints to our cups. They had to wear non-latex gloves to hold the cups so they wouldn't "corrupt the evidence".    We also had another section where kiddos touched their own cup and then used a make-up brush and hot chocolate powder to find their fingerprints.  It really does work!  I was amazed too!

 Marshmallow Towers

Materials: mini marshmallows, thick spaghetti noodles, plates

Students had to construct the highest tower possible using just two materials, spaghetti and marshmallows.  We even had parents creating towers!

Piloting Paper

Materials: paper, paperclips,  paper airplane books

Kiddos used paper airplane books from the library to try to create an airplane that would fly the farthest. They used paperclips to experiment with weight.

Moon Craters

Materials: flour, large trays with ridges, different size and shape balls, chair for standing on, table cloth or butcher paper for clean up

Students were testing how the size of a meteorite effects the size of the crater.  They also experimented with the distance that they meter traveled.

Money Magic

Materials: assorted coins, droppers, water, cups for water, paper towels for clean up

Families investigated surface tension.  They tried to see how many drops of water could be dropped on a penny before the bubble of water burst.  They did this with other coins as well and compared their results.

Here is just a sampling of our Science Fair Projects!  We had almost 100 projects this year!
Here are the table signs and the question stems.  Enjoy and please pin and rate!
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