Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Literacy Stations

THROWBACK THURSDAY= Teacher Blogger Laziness  

Feb. 2013- Hello darlings!  I hope your week has started out splendidly!  After having two snow days last week, I was so used to staying up late and sleeping in.  Boy, did that catch up with me Monday morning!  I thought I was dying.  (I LOVE my sleep!) 

As promised, I worked my bum off on those two lovely days and knocked out six super fun literacy centers!  Kiddos really enjoy reviewing concepts while playing games.  I bet you didn't know that, right?  =)

These babies are Common Core aligned and just waiting for your little geniuses... and your laminator!  I store my playing cards in sandwich bags and place these, along with the direction sheet and recording sheets, in a gallon zipped locked bag.  I label a hanging file folder with the theme so I can find it easily next year.

Click the pic to grab these Splendid Springtime Literacy Centers!

I apologize for the laziness!


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