Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Free Planner and BaCk to ScHoOl Goodies

Hello darlings!  As much I as LOVE the summer, I know that it has to come to an end and we have to get back to our AMAZING jobs!  I do adore teaching, so it isn't a terrible thing and I am sure you all feel the same way.  To make the return a little sweeter, we brought back our FREE planner from last year.  We had a lot of requests to make a 2014-2015 version and we are excited to tell you that it is READY!  Thanks Jamie for changing all the dates!  You can also download my lesson plan pages, grade book, and dividers for free.  Sorry they are not editable!     I just ask that you pin it to share with others!    Click each pic to download.

This is a pic of last year's planner.  This year's calendar is purple.

 Download lesson plan pages for free!

Grade Book                                                    and                               Dividers

Also check out my Teal and Green Classroom Decor Megapack!
and my Safari Classroom Decor Mega Pack!

I also updated my Year Long Word Study Unit for third grade.  Check it out here!

You can also get a head start on the year with this Best Selling Bundle from Educents!  It has 15 units geared for grades 2-3!  The sale ends in three days!

Stay tuned for an AWESOME bloghop starting August 1st!



  1. These freebies are awesome. I'm not sure how to PIN it though. I didn't see a PIN button.

  2. I loved using the monthly calendar last year and was hoping that you would make one for this school year as well! Thank you so much for the freebies!

  3. Hi, Amy--

    I just found out that I am being moved from Pre-K to 3rd/4th grade. Yikes!! I am a new subscriber to your blog & saw these great lesson plan pages & grade book pages. I was able to download the calendar a sit was on TpT but I am having trouble getting the lesson plan & grade book to download. When I click on the image it takes me to Google Docs but I don't see a "download" button. Would you mind either explaining how to do that or emailing them to me?? We go back for teacher planning on Friday (UGH!) & I think these would help me greatly!!

    Thanks so much!


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