Monday, January 14, 2013

Snowman Ice Sculpture

I have an amazing kindergarten team to work with! I am so lucky that we can get ideas from each other! This cute snowman ice sculpture was made by Mrs. Higby. She is an amazing teacher and she does this every year.
To make the snowman, take 3 balloons and fill them with water making a small, medium and large balloon. Don't make them too big or else it won't melt in a day. I would suggest putting the snowman together at school. Cut the balloons off the ice and use salt to stick it together. Then, add a felt hat, nose, eyes and buttons with salt as well. Use an old piece of fabric for the scarf. 
The following picture is a prediction chart to use with the kids to guess how long the snowman will melt. Make sure the snowman is in a pan to catch the water!

The picture isn't very clear! The title says, "How long will it take for our snowman to melt?"
The hat says, "More than 3 hours"
The middle says, "2 hours"
The bottom says, "1 hour"

I made a page to go along with the project. Click on the picture below to download a free copy!

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