Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Measure the Presidents "Projectivity" Freebie

Hello darlings!  I have been MIA because I have been running our school Science Fair and Art and Science Explosion.  It was a blast, but SUPER exhausting! So..I'm back and ready to share!

My kiddos are learning how to convert Customary Length, so I wanted to create a fun project/activity (Projectivity) for them so they could really gain a deep understanding. (AND I wanted to use a performance event to integrate COMMON CORE!)  I will admit, this was a little tough for some of my third graders, but I pulled small groups for kiddos who just needed an extra boost.

1. They must convert the height of the Presidents from inches to feet and inches. 

2. They have to put the Presidents in order from tallest to shortest (greater than less than).

3. They have to measure out the height of Abe Lincoln with sentence strips and then measure themselves against it. 

4. They must compare their height with Abe Lincoln's.

I hope the pictures and the Projectivity sheets speak for themselves.

Enjoy my friends!  Happy Valentine's Day!


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