Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dr. Seuss Day and Winners!

Hello Darlings!  Friday was SEUSStastic!  Usually I don't make a big deal about Dr. Seuss' birthday because most activities out there are tailored to the younger kiddos.  We third grade teachers have to be "serious" and we cannot have any "fluff" according to our administrators.  So I decided to make some unfluff and celebrate Dr. Seuss anyway.  There are quite a few of his books that are a DRA 38 which is the end of 3rd grade reading level.

My school librarian sells Dr. Seuss hats so everyone was allowed to wear a crazy hat on Friday.  This is what inspired me to make a day of it.  The kiddos were going to be nuts anyway because of their crazy hats, so why not use it to my advantage?   I had kiddos stuffing recycled paper into the hats to make them stay up. (see what I mean?)

Above, you can see the kiddos reading Seuss books with their partners.  They had to read four books and figure out the theme for each one.  We had to talk about the fact that the theme is not always obvious.  For example, a lot of the kiddos read I Can Read with My Eyes Shut and it kept saying not to read with your eyes closed.  We found out that is really means, Pay Attention to What You READ!

In this activity, kiddos had to make up as many real words as they could using one of Dr. Seuss' book titles and then make up "Seussy Words."  I had a prize for the person who created the most real words and a prize for the person who created the longest real word.

The Math Game is differentiated because I have such a diverse set of learners. (I am sure you do too!)  Green is addition and subtraction only.
Yellow is the same, but with multiplication added.
Red has everything and long division.

Needless to say, we has a SUPER SEUSSy DAY!

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The winners of the Splendid Springtime Literacy Centers are....
1. Stephanie Ann 
2. Christina from Apples Books and Crayons
Check your emails ladies!

I wanted to leave all of you with a FREEBIE, so here is one of my word work games for suffixes.  Enjoy!

Have a great week!


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