Monday, January 20, 2014

It Has Been Awhile!

Hi Fellow Teachers and Bloggers,
I have not posted in about a year. The last year has been the best, yet busiest, time of my life! There is not one thing in my life that has stayed the same....except for the awesome friends and family I have in my life. Since last February, I started writing math curriculum for New York State(more on that later), got married, moved, and got a job teaching kindergarten at another school. Blogging was put on the back burner.....until now! I am still working 2 jobs. I teach during the day and do PD on the curriculum I helped write in the evenings, but my goal is to still blog whenever I am able.

Since this is my first time blogging since my wedding, I wanted to showcase one of my talented friends for any future brides out there! I love DIY projects. One of my projects I was trying to get done before the wedding, was a hanger that spelled Mrs. Petre (my new name). While I was working on the hanger, and failing miserably, my  wonderful fiance told me he would take care of the hanger for me! He called Stephanie and within a day she had the hanger ready! It was perfect! Click on the link under the picture to order your personalized hanger! This would make a great wedding shower gift!

I didn't want to blog and not leave you with a freebie! Click the picture below to download a free copy of the Prince Charming Rhyme Game. Students turn all cards face up. Find the princess' prince by matching the rhyming words. If the princess and prince don't rhyme, then it is not a perfect match! You can also play Go Fish or Memory! I hope you enjoy!
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