Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Scientific Method and Science Fair

Hello darlings!  Our third graders are required to complete a Science Project every year and I am the Science Fair Coordinator at my school, so it works out nicely!

For the past two years, I have made it easy on myself and completed the same science experiment with my class to model the scientific method and model the project that they are required to do at home.  The experiment is all about chocolate, so of course they are extremely engaged!

Our Question:
Will chocolate melt faster when held in my bare hand or when I hold it in a glove?

-human body temperature
-melting point of chocolate

I purchased about 12 pairs of gloves when they were on sale last year (around $.25), and I just wash them and reuse them.  The gloves will melt the chocolate, just not as quickly.  Of course it melts more quickly in a bare hand, but don't tell anyone I told you! =)  It is a great lesson to talk about human body temperature and to talk about insulators.  Many kiddos think that the glove will melt the chocolate faster because they associate it with warmth.  They learn that a glove is an insulator and traps the heat inside the hand instead of letting the heat escape to the surface.

Kiddos love testing their hypothesis, and then eating the results!

We went through each step of the Scientific Method together.  I usually break the project up over a week so that kiddos aren't overwhelmed with all of the writing at once.  They have to fill in their Science Journal as we go so that they have a guide to take home to help them (ahem...the parents) understand each step.

 Once completed, we learn how to set up the Science Fair Board by making a miniature one with each part.

I love getting to see the students' finished projects from home!
I do make sure to make a big deal about THEM putting the board together.

If you would like to save yourself some time, click below to get all the resources in my unit! I even included a completed answer key journal for the Chocolate experiment!

Good luck on your Science Adventure! The first person to comment with their email will get this unit sent to their inbox for free!  Don't forget to follow us on Bloglovin to make sure you are in the loop with these freebies!


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