Thursday, May 8, 2014

End of the Year Ideas & Geometry Freebie

So I have been MIA for the past few weeks. It has been crazy on my end here lately. Between preparing for the wonderful MAP test (which we started yesterday) and some personal things, I have barely had enough time to myself. However, I couldn't neglect you guys any longer. You guys help me so the least I could do is try to share some insight that maybe one person (teacher, parent, reader) could use. :)

I don't know about you but we still have 4 1/2 weeks left until summer starts. Thanks to the many snow days we had! It seems so far away, yet I feel like I still have some much content to cover in Social Studies/Science and DRA's have be done as well. We will be busy, busy until the last day of school, as we have a lot planned. We had a 1/2 release day yesterday afternoon, a full day next week, a field trip the week after, Memorial Day off, 3rd grade carnival, and then it's camp week during the last week of school. So much fun stuff coming up. It gets to be my favorite time of the year!
Since I cannot seem to not think about it being the end of the year, I figured I would share my End of the Year Ideas that my kiddos loved last year. (Unfortunately, I didn't take any pics while doing these as I wasn't in the blogging sense then).

 These are Common Core aligned, which makes it more meaningful for the end of the year. Some of these ideas correlate with our camp week. However, they could be used, even though you don't do camp.

Friendly Letter Ideas

Memory Book

Order of Events (Chronological Order)

Tips for Next Year Brochure, End of the Year Charades, & Classroom Library Hunt

These ideas could be used if you have some free time or implemented within reading and writing. You can grab these ideas by clicking here. In addition to using my own ideas, I purchased Hope King's The Ultimate End of Year Writing Bundle to use as well. I plan on using this again this year as well.

Now, in midst of preparing for the MAP test, we just finished up with our geometry unit. We reviewed angles, triangles, solid shapes, plane shapes, congruent shapes, and many other topics within geometry. Unfortunately, our Singapore program doesn't have a lot of resources for all of these various topics. Therefore, I used a lot of outside resources. Unfortunately, I didn't use a lot of website resources, rather than Brainpop and BrainpopJr. These are my two top "go to" websites for any concept that I am reviewing/implementing.

Area and perimeter seems to create some confusion with my kiddos. Anytime my kiddos are trying to learn something that could be challenging, I try to think about implementing a song whenever I can. My teammates shared this song with me and thought it was great. My kiddos love it and it is a great way to remember the difference between perimeter and area.

You could also do the same tune with area as well with the following lyrics:

Area's inside, Area's inside,
Oh, Oh, don't you know,
Area's inside.
Multiply length by width, multiply length by width,
Oh, oh, don't you know,
Multiply length by width.

I created this Perimeter & Area Scoot-Tetris Style to use as a review. You can use it as a scoot, a read the room activity, or a center. Kiddos will look at each Tetris shape and determine its perimeter and area. To create a challenge, I didn't put the measurements for each side. Instead, I included a key that states how much each square is worth.


To thank you for stopping by, click on the link and download this for FREE! :)

What are some end of the year ideas you plan on implementing at the end of the year? I would love any feedback you may have.

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  1. Wonderful post! I'm starting perimeter and area tomorrow and will definitely use your Scoot game! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! :) I hope your kiddos love this and can get a lot out of the scoot. Good luck with area and perimeter!


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