Friday, May 9, 2014

Five For Friday*Linky Party*May 9th

I just love these linky parties. As a matter of fact, one of my blogging goals is to try to link up at least once every week, if not every two weeks. So I decided to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five For Friday linky party. I love this simple idea for showing 5 pictures from your day or week.

So this past Tuesday was the beginning of our state testing for us 3rd grade teachers in our district. The 4th graders don't start testing till next week, so they decided to visit us with some MAP tip booklets that they created. Since this is the 3rd graders first time taking the test, they don't really know what to expect. This is a great way to give the kiddos opportunities to talk to 4th graders about their questions and nerves for the test.

On Monday, after meeting with the 4th graders, we went out to recess. Two of my girls came running up to me and said, "Look what we found Mrs. Day!" Both of the girls came across a 4 leaf clover. They had mentioned that they were looking for one so they could have good luck on the MAP test. I told them that it was meant to be and was a great reminder that they were going to do great. It actually gave me goose bumps when they showed me them because to me, that was a sign from God that everything was going to be ok this week. :)

Every morning during MAP testing, I put a note with a treat on each one of my kiddos desk. They cannot wait to come into to see what it says each day. This is just an example of one of the notes that I created for my kiddos. Grab these by visiting Fun Test Taking Strategies post from April.

As mentioned within my MORE Testing Strategies post, my kiddos donated either money or items for the "I Rock" table. This has been a BIG hit throughout the week. I allow kiddos, who were focused, persevered, and checked over their work while taking the MAP test, choose an item from the table. This is what our "I Rock" table looked like at the beginning of the week.

I couldn't resist posting this pic as well. So on Wednesday, our team had a 1/2 release day in the afternoon. This just comes to show what state testing can do to teachers. To give you a little insight about what is happening within this James (the only guy within our building...poor guy) and I were being too loud for Amy. She couldn't hear the video and concentrate, so she decided to open up her umbrella to block out the distractions and sound. I just had to take a picture of this. It gave us some laughs, which we needed in the midst of a stressful time/day.
Happy Friday to you! Hope you have a splendid weekend! Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!
By the way, I apologize for this. However, I made a mistake on the answer key on my Perimeter & Area Scoot. If you downloaded it yesterday, you need to redownload it as I fixed my answer key. I apologize again for the inconvenience!


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