Monday, September 10, 2012

Center Labels

I have tried centers about a million different ways until I found which way worked for me! Trust me, it sounds like a lot of centers but it saves me so much time. I do twelve centers. Each student goes to one  center a day. That means by the end of two weeks and two days, every student has been to every center. This works so well because it take a long time for a center to become boring! I change center activities maybe once every 2 months! Don't you just LOVE that! You know this means that I don't spend my afternoons trying to come up with new center activities for the next week. Also, I never have to change the library or computer center! 

This is how I organize my center chart. I cut out caterpillars from the die cut machine and assigned partners. I like no more than three per center. To change centers for the next day, I take the bottom two tags and move all the rest down one row and stick the bottom two on top. See the top two center tags with the small apple sticker? Once the tags have rotated once and the apple stickers are back on top, then I switch the two tags around. So the computer center would be on the right and library would be on the left. Super easy:)
Click on the writing tag to download a FREE copy of all the center tags. I use the small tags for my apple chart. I use the big tags and hang them up so students know where they are located in the room.
Here is my writing center tag hanging right above where my students sit for the writing center. I made two copies of the writing label and glued them together. Then, I laminated them.

I would love to hear what you think! How do you do centers in your room? Do you switch activities every week?

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