Monday, September 17, 2012

Shape Book

I tried a new activity this year with shapes. My students have to know eight shapes for the report card. They are: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, star, heart, oval and diamond. I made a book out of the four basic shapes: circle, square, triangle, and rectangle. My students had a great time thinking of all the things they could make from these shapes. I did a different shape everyday and while they were gluing their shape onto paper and drawing, I was asking them what their shape was and typing it out. Then, I would cut out their sentence, put lines between each word so they could cut out each word and glue it onto their paper. This not only practiced shapes but also included directionality, one-to-one correspondence, reading, and following directions. Plus, they get a cute book to take home!

This is the cover of the book. Click below to download a copy!

This book was created by my sweet friend, Owen. 
The rectangle picture says, "Owen's rectangle is grass". He made a house and glued a piece of green construction paper in the shape of a rectangle and made grass.  

The square picture has five squares that he placed in the corners and in the middle of his drawing of a picture frame. His sentences says, "Owen's squares are a frame."
The circle picture is my personal favorite. This is a hairy man! The sentence says, "Owen's circle is a hairy man." 
We did triangle pictures today but have not finished adding the sentences.

This is my friend Valoria. Her circle picture says, "Valoria's circle is a flower."

 Her square picture says, "Valoria's squares are people."
Her rectangle picture says, "Valoria's rectangle is a curtain."

I love the creativity my students had with their pictures. It also applied shapes to objects they use and see everyday!

How do you teach shapes?



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