Thursday, October 18, 2012

Author's Purpose

I had my observation this past Monday. I did a lesson on author's purpose. I began with a piece of chart paper:

I put seasonal books, weekly readers, and letter books out as a visual for all the different types of books.   I wanted to see what my students would come up with on their own before I guided them toward other ideas. This is what they came up with.

Do I have smart kiddos or what????? I was so excited! We have spent the rest of the week reading books and talking about the Author's purpose. I explained the three examples of purpose as:
If the book is repetitive with words that are easy to sound out,  it is a book intended to help you read or sound out words. 
If the book is fiction, then it is intended to be read for fun or to teach a moral lesson.
If the book is nonfiction, then it is intended to teach you something.
One books I used to go along with my lesson is "The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds. We watched it on Tumble Books but it is also on youtube. When it was over we discussed the Author's purpose and I was really impressed with their answers. One student said, "The Author was telling us that if you keep practicing something, you will get better!" If I had been sitting, I would have fallen out of my chair. Kindergarteners never cease to amaze me!

I also wanted to share a new way I am  doing independent and buddy reading in my room. I just started it this week but my students LOVE it! I have five tables or groups set up by color. I took pictures of the five different spots they will go to get books for reading time.

The blue folder is our poem folder. The poems are letter poems and we focus on two letters a week. The book stand houses my seasonal books. I put class books, emergent storybooks, and seasonal books I have read. 
My students put their just-right books in a ziploc bag. I give them these books and they also get to "shop" for books that they want to read.

The baskets of books are leveled books that are easy readers.

This is my classroom library. 

I think this works so well for my class because they were getting bored reading the same poem folder and bag of books everyday. Now, they get books from each spot only once a week. This also gives them more choices! We all know that kids love to make their own choices:) 

How do you do independent and buddy reading in your class?



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