Monday, October 22, 2012

Five Little Pumpkins Craft and Center Ideas

One of my favorite crafts is the Five Little Pumpkins craft. I have the book and you can also play it for your students on youtube. 

 To make this craft, you will need the following for each student:
1/2 sheet of brown construction paper
1 square of yellow construction paper
5 squares of orange construction paper
1 piece of black construction paper
*Start with the brown paper and have students cut into strips. Glue three strips horizontally and two vertically. Keep extra brown for pumpkin stems. Then, cut the five squares into circles for the pumpkins. Cut the yellow square into a circle for the moon. Make faces onto pumpkins! We glued the poem onto the back. Click on the poem to download.

We have been working on number sense and one-to-one correspondence. To practice this, I bought little jack-o-lantern baskets from the dollar store and wrote numbers 0-10. You can use candy corn or popsicle sticks to add the corresponding number into each basket. I have my students put the pumpkins in numerical order too!

I use spider webs with spider rings to practice one-to-one and number sense too! I love the spider rings because you can use them for patterning as well. Click on the spider web next to the picture to download this center. The webs have numbers 0-10 and the last page can be used in place of the spider rings if you do not have them. 

How do you teach number sense and one-to-one? 



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