Thursday, June 25, 2015

Crossfit: Work It Wednesday

Hello darlings!  Yes, I know it isn't Wednesday, but I saw a motivating linky party over at Queen of the First Grade Jungle!  Her linky is all about staying healthy and active this summer.  While I don't have beautiful menus and pictures of my food, I do have some pics of my workouts.

First off just let me say, I have never been really active and after my brother and mom passed away, I just didn't care and I just kept gaining weight and getting unhealthy. I was super out of shape and got out of breathe easily.   Flash forward about a year after my mom and I just had it.  I felt sick to look in the mirror and I knew I had to do something. Interestingly enough, about that time in April 2014, one of my neighbors posted to our neighborhood facebook page about starting a Crossfit Box (Gym-there's a whole crossfit language) in his garage. This was the sign I was looking for.

I remember watching this video about Crossfit and thinking, there is no freaking way I will be able to do half of that!  But... I messaged him and told him that I felt like I needed to workout just so I could workout there!  Joe was incredibly nice and made me feel comfortable enough to try it out.   I went for my first class and I was hooked!

That was a little over a year ago, when I couldn't even run a minute without stopping.  I had never lifted any kind of weights and I was sure my body wasn't made to jump up onto a tall box.  Since then, I can run 1.2 miles without stopping (which is HUGE for me!).  I can complete a WOD (workout of the day) using a 24in. box and I am lifting weights like crazy!  Not little baby weights, heavy barbells.  Oh, and I LOVE IT!

But why do I love this insane form of torture?   How can a girl who loathed working out like it was the black plague look forward to going to the box everyday?  Simple.  It's all about family and building confidence in myself.

You see these people here?  They are my family.  My Coaches Joe and Erin and all of the members push me and encourage me everyday.    My Crossfit BFF, Jessica, is always there to commiserate with and tell me to suck it up at the same time. My sister and brother and law also go here.  I love these people and the other members not in the pic too!  I am able to do far more than I ever imagined possible.  I'm gaining confidence to try new things.

In January, Joe and Erin got to open up a brand new gym in a beautiful location.   If you can't tell, its called Show Me Crossfit.   I have also gotten the opportunity to visit another Crossfit gym with my coaches for a Memorial Day WOD.  Crossfit is such a community and everyone is so welcoming!

Crossfit is my outlet and my stress reliever.  It is my inner voice pushing me when I want to give up and it is the overwhelming since of accomplishment I feel when I finish.

This is a little video Coach Joe took of me when we were doing the Snatch.  It looks pretty easy, but let me assure you getting that bar up over your head and then squatting it down while maintaining stability it tough.  This is my favorite movement!  You really should try it!  With proper coaching of course!  ...and Joe is reminding me to shrug.

I am beyond thankful that God brought Crossfit into my life.  I can't imagine it without my Coaches and my Crossfit family.  If you are looking for a push, here it is.  Research and find your local Crossfit box.  Teachers have to have an outlet!  If you are from Missouri, message me and I would love to tell you about my Crossfit Box!

Stayed tuned for more info about my transition to That Teaching Spark!  There is a huge giveaway coming!

What do you do to workout?  I would love to know!


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  2. You should be really proud of yourself. Crossfit seems intimidating to me, but you have inspired me to look into it! Keep up the great work!

    Kathy O
    Kathy O Third Grade Doodles

  3. I hope you will keep writing more posts in future.


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