Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Emergency Substitute Binder- REUSABLE!

Hello darlings!  Sub plans?  Please don't say the word!  You wake up in the middle of the night, puking your brains out, but don't worry, its gets worse!!  You now have to write sub plans! AHHHH!!!  It is so true that it takes more work to write sub plans than it does to just go to school miserable.  Well, this isn't good for you or your kiddos.

My teams is FABULOUS and I can count on them ANYTIME to throw some quick lessons together for me if I'm sick and I do the same for them.  BUT.... why inconvenience your teamies if you don't have to?

Soooo... I created this AWESOME Reusable Emergency Sub Binder. (subs LOVE it by the way!)

The resources include detailed, step by step lessons for Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math, Science/Social Studies.  These are also editable.   All worksheets are included  I have also included an editable resource to inform your sub of your daily routines and expectations.  (All the things we have to hand write on a sub folder)

Simply put these resources in a binder with page protector sheets and you are ready for those unexpected sick days and emergencies.  Once you use the copies, simply replace them for the next time. It makes sub days easier because kiddos know what to expect!  Let a teacher on your team know where the binder is or do what I do and l put it in your desk organizer with your other binders.  The binder spine label will be visible for your sub!.

To prepare, copy a CLASS SET of the following.
1. Reading Response Scavenger Hunt 
2. Working with Words (copy front to back)
    High Frequency Words OR provide your own class spelling list.
3. Proofreading Partner Power
4.  Number Cards worksheet
5. Research to the Rescue Packet (class set, copy both pages and staple)
6. Extra:  Spinning Spelling (provide a class set of paperclips)
               Friendly Letter

Laminate the following:
1. Math Game Direction Cards
        (I laminate two copies of each game so there are two direction cards at each center)
(I will be adding new games for the second half of the year. So check back to redownload!)

Sub Binder
Put together the rest of your sub binder with the editable files that came
with this unit.  You can also edit the lesson plans to fit your needs. 

Have a great year!  Here's hoping for NO Emergencies!  Get your binder here!!


  1. Amy,
    What an awesome binder you've created! Creating an Emergency Sub Binder is on my to-do list for this next year. Thanks for sharing your idea! {I'm pinning it for inspiration later!}
    The Learning Effect

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