Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Data Tracking Binder FREEBIE!

Hello darlings!  We started a new evaluation tool last year in Missouri.  Teachers are evaluated based on The Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model.  We only focused on the first domain which is all about Learning Goals and Scales and tracking student data.

If you aren't already having your kiddos track their data, you need to!  Even kindergartners at my school track their scores!  I saw a huge jump in my students' score from previous years because suddenly they were accountable and those numbers actually meant something!  For each unit, I gave my students a pretest to assess their schema.  I used this data for small groups, conferences, and to up my game.  Students graphed their pretest scores and we talked about the meaning of the scores.

At first I had straight A students in tears because they just didn't understand that I was checking what they ALREADY knew before I did any teaching.  When they got a low score, they just didn't understand.  With some modeling and a lot of encouragement, they finally got that I was NOT taking this score for a grade!  I expected them to get a zero on pretests!  This score simply showed me what I needed to teach them.  The score that they needed to think about was the post test score.  This is the final assessment when we look at growth.

Once kiddos got to see how much growth they had made since the first assessment, they were hooked!  They were even measuring the graph with a ruler to see how much larger the line was.  Don't worry, I showed them how to calculate their growth!  My kiddos couldn't wait to take the pretest.  They knew that they did need to try their best and not just skip everything because that would be cheating their own brain.

I love my Data Tracking Binders and I don't know how I've gone the last ten years without them!

Here are just a few teaser pages!  You can purchase this in my TPT store here OR.................
You can get it for FREE by following me on Instagram!!!   I'll have the free file address waiting for you! But hurry, because it will only be there for a short time!!!

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Why am I moving?  Originally this was a blog that two of my besties and I collaborated on.  Since then Jamie has had a beautiful baby boy and Shelley has gotten married and moved on to bigger and better things.  That just leaves one chick as 3 Teacher Chicks.  LOL!  I was feeling like I had multiple personality disorder.  So, I saw Ashley from Teach Create Motivate successfully moved her blog and she gave me some great ideas and inspiration to make the leap.

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