Monday, June 1, 2015

Welcome Letter to Students and Parents

Hello darlings!  At Open House or Meet the Teacher Night, do you find parents cornering you to tell you all about little Jimmy?  While we would all love to be able to have a conference right then, we just don't have the time!

Alleviate this awkward situation with a request from parents before school even starts!   This letter is called "In a Million Words or Less..."   The letter simply asks parents to write you a letter about their child. It starts off by asking parents what they would say to you if they got to sit down face to face over coffee and discuss their precious one.

 I have found this to be INVALUABLE in my many years of teaching. Now they can tell you everything their hearts desire and you can get great insight to your students before the year begins.  I send this letter home with the Welcome Letter that I send to students.  My school emails the letters out, so I made sure the letters were in color.

I have provided you a cutesified version of "In a Million Words or Less" and you can add your own name to the end.

 I have provided a sample of my welcome letter and directions to download the template from Rowdy In Room 300 for free. (Thanks so much Nicole for the idea for the kid letter!  It looks gorgeous!)

If you plan on emailing the letters:   When you finish creating your letters in Powerpoint, don't forget to save the file as a PDF.  Now all of your pretty fonts will stay pretty!

Check back for more awesome resources!

P.S.  Are any of you going to the TPT Conference in Las Vegas?


  1. I am going to the TPT Conference in July! :)
    Tiffany @ The Learning Effect

    1. Yay! Maybe I will see you there! I will now be checking out your blog!!

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