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Monday Made It & Time Freebie

Hello wonderful ladies and gentlemen! Today was opening day with our St. Louis Cardinals (opening day is a big deal in STL if you don't live in the St. Louis area or aren't a Cardinals fan). My hubby and I decided to watch the game at his parent's house. Otherwise, this post would have been published much earlier.
So I must admit, I am venturing out of my blogging realm. I was talking to Amy and she had mentioned how link up parties are the best way to get involved with blogs. So I am taking a stab at it and decided I would link up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It to do something different than just show you what I have been creating for my classroom.
I also have something to admit...I didn't recently do all of this. I apologize that this isn't anything educational. I haven't made anything more recently for my classroom to show off (unless you count all of the resources, centers, games, etc). State testing has taken over my teaching life. However, I have been wanting to blog about this ever since my sister's shower (back in July). What better time than Monday Made It!
To start off, I need to tell you that since I grew up on a farm, my mom and I couldn't resist doing a farm theme for the shower. Therefore, I put my computer skills to the test and created banners for the tables (food, cake, gifts, and welcome sign).

I printed off the banners onto white card stock and then cut them into shape. Before online scrapbooks became popular, I loved to scrapbook, so I put my scrapbook tools to good use. When the letters were ready to go, I hot glued them onto binder twine (the string used when baling hay). I didn't cut my twine long enough so it made it a little more difficult to attach to the tables. I had 4 banners that said the following: Welcome to Ashley's Farm, Cake, Drinks, and Gifts.

To decorate the tables, I decided to create these centerpieces. My mom cans so I used some old Mason jars and put a wad of binder twine at the bottom of the jar to help keep the sticks in place. Then I tied red Raffia around the mouths of the jars into bows. I took little (skinny) doll rods and cut them into little sections (all different lengths to stagger the height of the animals and barn) I purchased some farm clip art off of Etsy and printed off a big enough size of each animal and barn. I cut each one out and using double sided scrapbooking tape, I taped them onto red circles (that I cut out of red cardstock). I hot glued these onto the doll rods and then tied tan Raffia on the bottom (to give the straw like effect).
For the picture frames, I purchased little blocks of wood, little popsicle sticks, and little clothespins. My handyman of a dad cut the blocks of wood into little chunks and put a hole in the middle. I painted them green to so they could act as the grass. Then I painted the popsicle sticks red (farm color) and hot glued them into the holes. At the ends of the sticks, I hot glued a clothespin (open end facing up). Along both sides of the block of wood, I hot glued a farm scene that I created with the same clip art. We put pictures of Ashley (my sister) in the clothespins.
To add some spice, I placed strips of burlap (from my parent's farm) on the tables underneath all of the centerpieces. My mom put some of her farm figurines on either side of the frames. She had barns to all different farm animals. I thought these turned out so cute!
I had a lot of fun creating name tents for all of the food that we had. We tried to keep it all farm themed. Up above you can see that we had little smokies (our name was Piglets).

I also made Miss Piggy. We put fruit salad in a clear, glass bowl. I created ears, a snout, and tail out of pale pink cardstock, along with two black eyes. We had a veggie tray that we named Ashley's Garden, along with deviled eggs (Farm Fresh Eggs) and nachos (Cowgirl Dip). Not pictured was our popcorn bar that we called Chicken Feed.

My sister and I used to make the dirt cups when we were kids for our birthdays and parties at school (back when you could make treats and bring them in). Therefore, my mom and I decided to implement these into the dessert bar (named Farmer's Soil). My sister loves Rice Krispy treats so we made some and named them "Hay Stacks". My creative and talented aunt created the cupcakes and barn out of Carrot Cake. She did an amazing job.

We had a duck pond as well (punch). I couldn't find plain ducks so they were fancier ducks that had hats and sunglasses. They really didn't fit well with our theme. However, you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.

We put the forks (Pitch Forks), spoons (Shovels), andknives into mason jars as well. We got yellow plates and cute farm themed napkins from the Party Store.

My mom and I had so much planning for this shower. I have such a hard time believing that my niece wasn't even born yet throughout this shower and now she is just over 6 months old. How time flies!!

Just thought I would share a recent picture I took of her last weekend. I never knew I could love a little one so much. Being an aunt is the greatest thing in the world. I love her to pieces and miss her so much when I am not around her. I am one proud aunt!!
Ok. So for stopping by and reading this post I figured I would share (quickly) a new game I created over the weekend. It's called Tick-Tock Time and focused on telling time to the nearest minute. It's very simple to manage with your kiddos and reviews place value, along with time. (Grab it by clicking on the link above.)

Need some other ideas for implementing some fun games with time!? Check out Major League Math Centers, Beat the Clock, and Spring Time in my TpT store.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Stay tuned for more resources on time, as we just started focusing on it today.

I would love to know how you implement time within your classroom. I am always looking for more ideas from you lovely people! :) Hope the rest of your week goes well!

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