Friday, November 30, 2012

When I was in 3rd grade Linky

Hello darlings!  Happy Weekend to you!  Once I saw the linky party that Kate was throwing over at Second Grade Sparkle, I knew I had to join!  I was supposed to post a pic of myself at the grade I teach now.  You should totally do it!

So... I dug through my basement to find my old school stuff.  My mom was awesome and saved everything! I found all my old projects and awards.  It was so cool to travel down memory lane and so weird how images immediately transport us back.  I saw one of my certificates that had a gumball theme with a cute smelly sticker on it, and I could totally remember the smell of that grape sticker like it was yesterday!  I LOVE smelly stickers!

Without further ado..... and no laughing please.... here is a pic of me in third grade. Gotta love the ensemble and the missing teeth!

And here is me now...with my little sis.

Oh good times, good times, and I have teeth!

Look where I got my third grade pic from- my star of the week poster!  Yay baby!

 I was thinking of taking this into school to show my kids, but some of them have better handwriting than I did!

I love some of my answers.. I am cracking up right now!

Favorite TV show: 90210  (what? I think that was the only "cool" show I knew the name of)

Fav Brand of Clothes: My Michelle (why would they ask this of a kid?)
I want to be a: teacher =) Awww!

Fav Book: "I'll Love you Forever"

Fav Movie: Adventures in Babysitting!  You know it!

Fav Time of Day: 3:00pm-8:00am  (OMG!  I bet my teacher was pretty offended by this!)

Fav Brand of Shoe: NO  (obviously, I didn't have one, and again, what are we promoting here?)

Fav Ice Cream: strawberry

So funny!

The last little gem I have for you is a parent gift project I did in kindergarten.  I can remember my teacher taking us into the hall and we had to stand behind this poster with a bunch of cotton balls, and all I thought of is, "I'm not a boy.  I shouldn't have a beard!"  I was a little distraught!  (Oh, and I just realized...we were allowed to say....CHRISTMAS!!!!!)

Now that is a quality present! =)  At least my coloring was pretty good for kindergarten!
I would LOVE to hear your comments or see some of your pics!

Have a super weekend,

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Countdown Begins!

It really is the most wonderful time of the year for me! I love Christmas! I loved having Thanksgiving and then coming back to school with days left in November. I have such a hard time getting everything ready when we come back from Thanksgiving and it is December. I have to scramble to get all of my Christmas or Winter Holiday activties ready. Does anyone else have that problem?

So now I have a week to get it all together! I start my holiday themes off with a countdown to Christmas! I copy the tree pattern onto green construction paper. Then, I have my students cut it out. The only part I cut for them is the rectangle at the bottom. I do this as they are cutting so I am usually done by they time they are all finished. If not, have them glue on the poem or decorate while they are waiting. I cut out the links ahead of time! I cut them into one inch strips so I can get twelve links out of one piece of paper. Each student gets 12 red links, 12 green and 1 yellow. The yellow link goes first and then I have students make an AB pattern using red and green. We attached the "Christmas Day" poem and decorate! I send them home that day in a plastic bag. I keep mine at school so we can take a link off together each day. Click on the tree pattern to download!
Click on the Christmas Day picture below to download a copy!

I have to tell you about one of my favorite books! Have you ever read "Where Did They Hide My Presents?" by Alan Katz and David Catrow?

It is definitely a class favorite each year. Everyday I read/sing one song. Once I have sung each song, I let my students pick a song from the book to sing! They love it and so do I!

What is your favorite book to read to your students for the Holidays?


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cyber Monday and Tuesday GIANT SALE!!!

Hello darlings!  If you have been blog stalking around the blogisphere, it is a little hard to miss the GIANT SALE going on Monday and Tuesday! 

I linked up at Bog Hoppin' for this awesome sale!
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So start loading up your cart right now!  I know I am as soon as I post this!  Just click on our stores over on the right to start the merriment!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Getting Ready for the Polar Express!

Hello darlings!  I know it is not yet Thanksgiving, but if you are anything like my third grade team and I, you are thinking ahead to December.  We always do a mini unit on the Polar Express during reading/writing time.  I have seen TONS of activities for this book out there, and mine is just a version that includes the CCS for third grade.

It has over forty pages of resources, including lesson plans.
The first three people to comment and leave their email will get this for free!

I also wanted to give you a FREEBIE!  I always do a book exchange in my classroom for the holidays.  Here is the letter I send home to the parents.  You can edit it to fit your needs!

I also wanted to share some exciting news with you!  3 Teacher Chick's own SHELLEY SNOW is TEACHER of the YEAR!!!!  (initiate cheering sequence now)  I am so incredibly proud of her and I am so happy she is my blogging buddy!  I am a lucky girl!  Congrats Shell Bell!!!  I wish I could send you on a beach vacation!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Turkey Time

I can't believe it is almost Thanksgiving! This year is flying by. Check out these darling turkeys we made! We are writing a list of things we are thankful for and then we will add our feathers with our thankful things.

 Click here for a free download of the "I am thankful for..." paper topper.

Click on the "Be Thankful" book to download a free copy. The book is very basic. I use it to begin our study of the Pilgrims. 

The following is one of my turkey math centers. I copied turkeys onto brown paper and wrote numbers on them. Then, I made feathers and hot glued clothes pins on the back so students can clip the feathers onto the turkey.

What is your favorite turkey or Thanksgiving activity? I will send a free copy of my turkey unit to the first 3 comments telling about your favorite Thanksgiving activity. It can be a craft, song, poem book etc! Don't forget to add your email address! Thanks so much for stopping by:)


Check out my Turkey Unit on my TpT store:

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Creature Feature Animal Project

Hello darlings!  My kiddos and I are finishing up our Animal Unit.  Each year, they create a Creature Feature aka: a diorama.  I am sure you have done versions of these in the past.  You can download my free project resources by clicking below.

Happy dioraming!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

First Thanksgiving Resources

Hello Darlings and Happy Election Day!  I hope you have time to get out and vote!

If you are like me, you are already stalking Pinterest for cute Thanksgiving activities.  I can never seem to find anything other than cute crafts with little pilgrims or turkey, and while I am still going to be creating a cute turkey (check for my next blog post), I wanted to really teach my kiddos about the First Thanksgiving.

When I went to high school and found out that the Pilgrims and "Indians" didn't have turkey at Thanksgiving, I was devastated  (ok, just traumatized)   I felt like all of my elementary teachers had lied to me.  What else did they lie about?  =)   Anyway.... I didn't want my kiddos to grow up with incorrect information, so I created this cute (if I do day so myself) interactive smartboard lesson about the REAL First Thanksgiving.

In it, kiddos learn about why the Pilgrims came to America, how the voyage was, why the Wampanoag Tribe helped them, what foods they really ate, and how life really was back then.   I also refer to the AMAZING SCHOLASTIC website at 

Click the pictures below for a fun math activity.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?  If your fav matches mine, I will send you the Thanksgiving Smartboard Lesson FREE!  Make sure to leave your email!!!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kindergarten Election

I have never had a mock election in my class but I am going to try it this year. I am in the mood to try new things.....wish me luck! I have made "I Voted" stickers that I am printing on Avery labels. Insert Avery labels 8860 (template 5160) and print these to give to your students after they voted! I made a secret ballot. I made the ballot with blank lines so you can fill in the blanks and reuse it for other elections that happen in your classroom! Happy Voting!

Do you have a mock election in your class?
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