Saturday, November 17, 2012

Getting Ready for the Polar Express!

Hello darlings!  I know it is not yet Thanksgiving, but if you are anything like my third grade team and I, you are thinking ahead to December.  We always do a mini unit on the Polar Express during reading/writing time.  I have seen TONS of activities for this book out there, and mine is just a version that includes the CCS for third grade.

It has over forty pages of resources, including lesson plans.
The first three people to comment and leave their email will get this for free!

I also wanted to give you a FREEBIE!  I always do a book exchange in my classroom for the holidays.  Here is the letter I send home to the parents.  You can edit it to fit your needs!

I also wanted to share some exciting news with you!  3 Teacher Chick's own SHELLEY SNOW is TEACHER of the YEAR!!!!  (initiate cheering sequence now)  I am so incredibly proud of her and I am so happy she is my blogging buddy!  I am a lucky girl!  Congrats Shell Bell!!!  I wish I could send you on a beach vacation!!!


  1. Oh Amy I'd love it!!!! Thank you!!


  2. I would love this unit!


  3. We do some Polar Express activities in 3rd grade as well. My team would love to have some more! Thanks!

    mr.spraul (at)

  4. I would love this Polar Express unit. This is a favorite Christmas book of mine. I was given the book from the teacher I student taught under the year the book came out. I love to teach using this book.

    The Teacher's Jungle

  5. I would have loved this for my third graders. I always seem to be a little late:(

  6. Love your Polar Express unit! :) Glad I found your great blog! I'm a new follower!
    Help Tori get to 500

  7. Heckie durn! Hurried over here as soon as I got the email and find myself a day late and a dollar short. LOL. Great unit!

  8. This unit looks fabulous! We like to do a Polar Express unit right before the Christmas holiday also. Congratulations to Shelley on Teacher of the Year. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  9. I've stumbled upon your blog before. It's really cute! Now I found you again through TBTS.


  10. Could you ladies be any more adorable? So happy to have found your groovy blog! :) Lisa
    Growing Firsties

  11. I have always taught this in Kindergarten and 1st but I'm new to 3rd grade and was praying I'd find some lessons for it. I would hate to give this book up just because I taught 3rd graders!!! :) I'm partnering with a kindergarten class this year to build relations, as well. I hope to use this.

  12. This is awesome, I just took over a 3rd class last week. I have 3 pages of Polar Express activity sheet that was left for me. I would to see what you have in your packet.

    thank you.

  13. IS this unit still available for Free?
    Please send to me

  14. Just found this this unit still free? I would love to have it:)
    Blessings, Suzie

  15. I am a first year teacher teaching third grade. I would love to see and use some of your resources. Thank you


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