Friday, November 30, 2012

When I was in 3rd grade Linky

Hello darlings!  Happy Weekend to you!  Once I saw the linky party that Kate was throwing over at Second Grade Sparkle, I knew I had to join!  I was supposed to post a pic of myself at the grade I teach now.  You should totally do it!

So... I dug through my basement to find my old school stuff.  My mom was awesome and saved everything! I found all my old projects and awards.  It was so cool to travel down memory lane and so weird how images immediately transport us back.  I saw one of my certificates that had a gumball theme with a cute smelly sticker on it, and I could totally remember the smell of that grape sticker like it was yesterday!  I LOVE smelly stickers!

Without further ado..... and no laughing please.... here is a pic of me in third grade. Gotta love the ensemble and the missing teeth!

And here is me now...with my little sis.

Oh good times, good times, and I have teeth!

Look where I got my third grade pic from- my star of the week poster!  Yay baby!

 I was thinking of taking this into school to show my kids, but some of them have better handwriting than I did!

I love some of my answers.. I am cracking up right now!

Favorite TV show: 90210  (what? I think that was the only "cool" show I knew the name of)

Fav Brand of Clothes: My Michelle (why would they ask this of a kid?)
I want to be a: teacher =) Awww!

Fav Book: "I'll Love you Forever"

Fav Movie: Adventures in Babysitting!  You know it!

Fav Time of Day: 3:00pm-8:00am  (OMG!  I bet my teacher was pretty offended by this!)

Fav Brand of Shoe: NO  (obviously, I didn't have one, and again, what are we promoting here?)

Fav Ice Cream: strawberry

So funny!

The last little gem I have for you is a parent gift project I did in kindergarten.  I can remember my teacher taking us into the hall and we had to stand behind this poster with a bunch of cotton balls, and all I thought of is, "I'm not a boy.  I shouldn't have a beard!"  I was a little distraught!  (Oh, and I just realized...we were allowed to say....CHRISTMAS!!!!!)

Now that is a quality present! =)  At least my coloring was pretty good for kindergarten!
I would LOVE to hear your comments or see some of your pics!

Have a super weekend,


  1. Hilarious!!! I was laughing when I saw 'My Michelle'! And 90210... too funny. My favorite is 'Adventures in Babysitting'. I LOVE that movie!! I would reenact the opening scene in my bedroom. Ha! Thanks for linking up!!

    Second Grade Sparkle

  2. Hahaha! Love your favorite time of day! I linked up, too. :)

    Bren P.
    The Teacher Diaries


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