Monday, January 28, 2013

Mitten Graph and Snowman Name Activity

I tend to stick with a "snow" theme throughout January. My last name is Snow, so it seems appropriate to make it one of my themes. Mrs. McDowell, another fabulous kindergarten teacher just posted these outside of her classroom. We are working on writing last names, so I'm thinking of doing this with first and last names and have my students build two snowmen side by side. You can also use this idea to build CVC words in centers. How would you use this in your classroom?

Click below to download a FREE copy of the snowman pattern. Hand out construction paper to make hats, scarves and sticks. 
                                                            Mitten or Gloves Graph
We made a graph showing if we preferred wearing mittens or gloves. I gave each student a piece of paper and had them trace a "mitten" hand (keep fingers closed) or a "glove" hand(trace hand print). Then, students cut it out and decorated it. We graphed the results and my class likes gloves more than mittens!

 Thank you so much for stopping by! It was strange teaching this lesson when it was 70 degrees outside today! It feels like Spring in January! What is it like where you are?



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