Saturday, January 5, 2013

Your Students will BEG to play this Review Game!

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Next, I just had to share with you what was waiting for me when I came into school on Thursday.  It was our first day back from break and my bday.

Did you spot the tiara and the light up wand?

I was super surprised to find my lovely friends had decorated my room for me!  They even brought their kiddos in my classroom to sing happy birthday to me!  It was like a giant flashmob!  Way to make a girl feel loved!  Thanks Shelley, Gretchen, and Jamie!  

So on to the teaching idea for you...  I don't have a picture, so please bear with me.  This game could work for any subject.  I used it to review 3 digit by 1 digit multiplication in math.  I divided my kiddos up into even groups (we are actually already at 4 "cabins" with 6 kiddos each).  Each kiddo gets a math worksheet and stands behind his/her desk so that all chairs are pushed in and it is easy to walk around the group of desks.  When you say go, everyone picks a problem to work on from their sheet, solves it, and puts their initials next to it.  Next, they wait for someone at their cabin to finish and they switch spots so that student A goes to student B's desk and student B goes to student A's desk.  It can be a kid that is next to them, across from them, diagonal from them, it doesn't matter.  They are not waiting to rotate in a circle or in a particular order.

 Now they pick a problem on that page to solve and write their initials next to. (I tell them they need to choose a problem they haven't done yet) Kiddos are doing this continually all around the group.  My kiddos got to the point where they said "Switch" so that other kiddos knew they needed to switch desks.  This continues until every problem on every page is completed.  It works well because your lower kiddos will be slower and your higher kiddos will be faster and it doesn't matter because there is the controlled chaos of everyone moving so no one notices.  When all the problems on all of the pages of that cabin are complete, the whole cabin sits down and puts their head down.  They wait for the other groups who usually aren't far off.  

My kiddos BEG me to play this game!  We do check the problems together as a class so that we can make sure kiddos aren't just writing down random answers and moving on.  That is also why they put their initials next to the problems so that they are held accountable.  

I hope you get a chance to try this out.  It is REALLY easy and FUN! Once you explain it and model it for them one time, you can play it the rest of the year!  I would love to hear how it works out or if you have a fun game your kiddos love!


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