Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Division Freebies and Video Tutorial

Hello there darlings!  Good to have you back!  The end of the year is coming soon!  Yay for Summer!  BUT... we still have to teach, so here are some freebies for teaching division the Singapore Way and some freebies for Long Division! 

Here is a video tutorial on how we teach division word problems using model drawing in Singapore Math.

After my kiddos are comfortable with the concept of division, we move onto Long Division.  Below is a little mnemonic to help them remember.  You have probably heard of this before.  I did not come up with it, I just created the sheet.  When I introduce this to my kiddos, we use a cube or other kind of game place holder and move the game piece each time we complete a step.  This keeps them on track and helps them to remember what to do next.  Here is how I would walk them through 625 divided by 5...

How many times can 5 go into 6 with out going over it?  OR  What number times 5 will give you 6 without going over it?    Answer: 1

Take the number you just recorded and multiply it by the divisor.  1x5=5.
Record it under the 6.

Now subtract 6-5=1

Brother-Bring down (we can't leave brother out!)
Bring down ONE number at a time.  In this case, we bring down the 2. (I draw the arrow from the two and drag it down next to the one)  Now we have the number 12.

Rover-Repeat or remainder
Do we have all of our place values covered in the answer?  NO, so Rover tells us to repeat everything all over again.

Dad-Divide   and so on....  I complete this process with them and have them move their game piece each time we move through the steps.  Some of your kiddos will get it right away and not need the manipulative and chart.  This is a great way to differentiate.

Below you will find some quick checks to give your kiddos to assess their understanding.  I don't believe in assessing kiddos with long worksheets.  If they can prove they can do it, why make them do it 20 times?  Plus, you don't have to stay up until 11pm grading!

If you have a fun way to teach long division, please share in the comments!!!  Also, head over to our last post to join our End of the Year Linky Party!!
Thanks, Amy

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