Sunday, April 22, 2012

End the Year with a BANG Linky Party!

Hello lovely friends!  This is our FIRST linky party!  We hope you join us!  Link up your favorite end of the year activities!  It can be simple activities or elaborate celebrations!  All ideas are welcome!

In my third grade classroom, we have "Camp Week."  On the last week of school, we set up tents inside the classroom and complete Camp Theme activities.  This is a memorable way to end our year and keep the kiddos engaged in their learning!  We all know they (and we) are checked out by the last week , so this is a great way to pull them in.

Before my district went to a no food policy, we used to make smores, trailmix, and  hot dogs (in the micro). Each day was something different.  We created a letter for parents to donate items.   

Kiddos get a letter from their parents for each day of camp and they also get a care package with goodies.  We set up a "camp fire" made out of construction paper and rocks in the middle of the room.  I am including my plans for each day for FREE.  Please note:  A lot of my activities are taken from mailbox magazine or other Internet resources that are camp themed.  The plans are just an outline for you and do not include all the resources as they are copyrighted.  It is super easy to type in Camp Theme activities into Google to find cool worksheets.  I just wanted you to see what each day was like.
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So what do you do for the end of the year in your room?  Link up with us!  Simply fill out the little form below and link to your end of the year blog post!  Don't forget blogging etiquette. Copy and past out Linky Party Picture and write about our Linky Party with a link back to THIS post.  We want as many people as possible to link up so we can all have LOTS of ideas!!! Thanks friends!


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