Sunday, July 14, 2013

Back to School Writing Craftivity Bundle

Hello darlings!  Happy Sunday!  Are you crying inside because school is just around the corner or are you secretly a little excited?  Is it normal to be both?  As soon as school supplies start coming out, I do get a little happy inside.  Maybe I just like school supplies!?

I'm linking up with the lovely Michelle for Sunday Smorgasbord. It is just a bunch of randomness!

So...I've been trying to think of creative writing activities for the the beginning of the year.  I decided I wanted to make them fun so I made some crafts to go with them.  I also made a little info sheet for me, kind of like a survey, so that I could get to know my kiddos a little better.  You can download it free by clicking the picture!
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Here are the activities in the Back to School Writing Craftivitiy Bundle...

I'm Unigue Poem: students use m&m's for each apostrophe in I'm then make a cut out of themselves (2 boy patterns and 3 girl patterns included)

Sneak Peek @ Summer: students complete an On Demand Narrative Writing piece and create a 3D sunglass project

The Sweetest Thing About Me: students have many choices of what to write about and then create an ice cream cone craft

Purple Paula: Original short story used to teach Character Education. Includes lesson ideas

In other random news... I went to the St. Louis Zoo the other day and took this adorable video of a baby giraffe.  He was trying to reach a tree that was out of his enclosure.  Did you know giraffes have incredibly large tongues?

 The lion was just chillin'.

So the winner of my Year Long Word Study Unit...drum roll please....
Comment #10 Naimah Gooden
Congrats!  Check your email!



  1. I reallly like your "You Should Know" page. Thanks for sharing.
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. I love your BTS pack! The freebie is too cute! I feel the same way--a little sad that summer is over, but also excited for a fresh start.

    Thanks again!


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