Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Addition & Subtraction Racing School

Hey friends! So I was so intrigued by Amy's Multiplication Book Camp idea that I wanted to create something similar for the beginning of the year for addition and subtraction math facts. I wanted to something that the boys and girls both would be interested in. What better theme than racing!?!? So for those of you who saw Amy's post of Multiplication Book Camp back in May, this should be a little familiar to you (click on the link above to visit Amy's post for a refresher or introduction if you would like).

To start off, I will focus on addition first and give my kiddos a pretest to determine which facts they have already mastered and which facts they need more work on. Once each kiddo knows what facts they need to work on, they will be given flashcards (Pit Stops) and title cards for each fact number (Lap Cards) to practice every night for homework. These will be cut out, hole punched, and put onto a binder ring. That way they will be kept together.

The kiddos will complete Practice Laps every day (daily timed tests). They will keep track of their progress of the Practice Laps on the Lap Times sheet.

To go along with the Practice Laps and Pit Stops, there are games and activities that my kiddos will complete. Just like Amy, I too do Math Rotations in my classroom (click on the link to see Amy's post that explains what math rotations are). Therefore, when my kiddos are at the game rotation, they will be completing all of the games and activities that are included within this set (I will only choose one per day/week, depending on how long my kiddos need to complete each activity/game). These games/activities include the following (some have both addition and subtraction editions, some just have addition):
  • Winston Cup (Addition Chart Game)
  • Parking Lot (Addition & Subtraction Game)
  • Put the Pedal to the Metal (Build a Race Car Game)
Teacher example of the "Put the Pedal to the Metal" Game
  • Black Out (Addition & Subtraction BINGO)
  • Capture the Flags (Addition Strategy Game)
  • Red Light, Green Light (Addition Exercising Game)
  • Race Track (Addition & Subtraction Racing Game)

Once my kiddos graduate from Addition Racing School, they will move on to subtraction, which will follow the same format.

I got these cups that have black and white checkers on them from Party City. They were $1.00 for each one. I will use these to store my timed tests in.

I also found these pencils I will give to my kiddos after they graduate from the addition school. They too were from Party City. They come 12 in a pack.

I wanted to share a FREE activity for you to check out that goes along with this set. Download it by clicking on the picture below. If you like it, check out the Addition & Subtraction Racing School set in my TpT store by clicking here!

How do you help your kiddos learn their math facts?

The first 3 people to comment will receive this set for FREE! (Don't forget to include your email address in your comment so I can send you your FREE set)

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Stayed turned tomorrow because...

More details tomorrow, but I can tell you it is a huge team effort from a ton of your favorite bloggers!!  And thanks, Kayla, at Primary Junction for making the cute button!

Happy Race Day! Have a wonderful day!


  1. I would love to receive a copy of your packet!!!

    Thanks and take care


  2. This looks awesome!


  3. This looks adorable and motivating! WE've always done the same timed tests as a grade level. A couple of years we did a Timed Test Challenge that included home support and certificates. Tough for the kids who didn't have the home support. Your unit would be a fun way to freshen it up!

  4. I've been wanting to implement something like this for adfition/subtractiob after beginning Gumball Math-Multiplication. This activity looks sooo fun!

  5. This set looks amazing! :O) Thank you for sharing...

  6. This is great. I am always looking for ways to engage the boys in the class. The Drafting freebie is excellent. Having grown up watching Nascar and going to race tracks, this is a perfect resource. Thanks

  7. I am a first year teacher, teaching 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade MATH! I'm in for a ride of my life, but I look forward to teaching the different grade levels. I absolutely love your blog! Looking at this Addition and Subtraction pack this is something I must absolutley love. I am also looking forward to your multiplication and division packet. that looks awesome!! I know I'm not the first to respond, but I would love a free copy.

  8. Thanks so much for the freebie! It looks awesome. My class this year is mostly boys, so they will love it.


  9. Jamie, so excited to have this amazing unit for my new class! Thanks so much for your generosity :)

  10. These look amazing!! It is currently on my wishlist on TPT! I can not wait to purchase it. Also, thank you for the lovely freebie!

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