Wednesday, March 28, 2012

State Testing Fun Ideas

In about 2 weeks, we will be giving our state tests.  Here in Missouri, it is called the MAP Test.  To get kiddos pumped up and excited to "Show what they Know", my grade level does a MAP Rockstars Theme.  Each kiddo gets to be interviewed for a display in the hall.  I got the idea for the display a few years ago from Beth Newingham and just tweeked it to fit.

For the interview, kiddos take turn being the paparazzo and the Star.  They can be any kind of famous person that they want.  Lots of my boys want to be famous football stars and my girls want to be famous singers.  After the interview, they write all the information in paragraph form.  We talk about writing like a magazine author.  You may even want to bring in some Kidzbop Magazines (or other kidish mags) to show how those authors write articles about stars.  Once the "articles" are written, they are allowed to bring in props to pose for their picture.  Today I had a little guy bring in a football and football helmet and one of my little girls had her hair teased so big, it look like she was wearing a wig.  They went all out!

I also have a list of tips for state testing. 

Do you do anything fun to prepare for your state testing?


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