Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Math with Money!!!!!

I just had to post my mental math warm-ups that I give to my students prior to beginning math during our money unit.  I always start with the number bonds that make $1.00 but the parts are even tens numbers, for example .20 and .80, or .60 and .40.  This helps them to build their understanding of numbers that make tens and hundreds and drastically increases their mental math strategy.  The kids like them too, because they are quick checks (and it may help that I make competitions out of the quick cash warm-ups from time to time).  Over the course of the unit, I change the parts to numbers with 5's in the hundredths place, and then move into random coin amounts in the parts boxes.  Because mental math strategies is a unit that we don't have much time to incorporate in our math curriculum, I like to inject it into other areas of math!  I'm posting one free starter, but feel free to visit my TPT account and get other quick cash warm-ups!

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